Filipino “Royalties”: The Chosen Few Worthy of Honorifics

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Filipino “Royalties”: The Chosen Few Worthy of Honorifics


| October 2, 2017

Filipino “Royalties”:

The Chosen Few

Worthy of Honorifics

By Kyzia Maramara

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We may never have a real royal family, but all these other “royalties” definitely make up for it! Here are some Filipinos worthy enough to have their own honorific titles.

King of Fragrance

Joel Cruz is the multi-millionaire entrepreneur at the helm of Aficionado Germany Perfume empire that as of 2014 has 900 direct and sub-dealers. Because he was the provider of knock-off perfumes from the States, he was rightfully dubbed as the King of Fragrance. His royal scented highness built a house at Camp John Hay in Baguio which has been criticized by many in the past. Especially because it had a sign out front that read ‘White House of the Lord of Scents.’

Joel is also known for his children – three sets of twins from surrogate mothers – which are now being called the Fragrance Royalty because a) their father is the King of Fragrance, nay, the Lord of Scents and b) their names are: Prince Sean and Princess Synne, Prince Harry and Prince Harvey, and Prince Charles and Princess Charlotte.

You can never get more royal than that.


Amir of Rap

Via Deluxe

Carlos Amir Agassi now is not the Carlos Amir Agassi we knew in the past. Underneath all those shirtless photos (and I mean all those shirtless pics) is a past stained by his phase as Amir of Rap. Amir is an Arab word which in English translates to ‘prince.’ Amir is also Agassi’s name such a clever wordplay on the title Amir of Rap. His title earned him criticism with a lot of veteran rappers, the latter going as far as creating songs with lyrics bashing our Amir of Rap. Maybe if you watch this video you’ll understand where these ‘veterans’ are coming from:


Queen of All Media

Sorry, Oprah Winfrey, we have our own Queen of Talk in this side of the planet. Kris Aquino is the one and only woman hailed to be the Queen of Talk and some went even as far as saying that she’s the Queen of All Media. With endorsements left and right, memes made in her honor, fame built from good and bad PR, and her being one of the highest paid celebrities in the country, we don’t see why not. Queen of Talk or Queen of All Media, what’s the difference as long as she’s Queen, right? Nakakaloka.


Crowned Family of Showbiz

It takes gutz to be a Gutierrez and don’t we know it all. The Gutierrez family is one of the most prominent in showbiz, a family that has been in the limelight for decades and who the Filipinos judge as interesting enough for them to have their own reality TV show (it’s now at its 5th season guys). The show, aptly named ‘It takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez’ features the lives of Ruffa, Raymond, Richard, their parents Anabelle and Eddie Gutierrez and extended family.

Follow the lives of these icons as they navigate the waters of fake drama, overreaction, and classic shocking reveals. They’re the Kardashian of the South-East Asia, didn’t you know?