8 Budget Finds

You Didn’t Know

You Could Buy

at 7-Eleven

By Tynne De Leon

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More often than not, we go to 7-Eleven and end up buying the usual. But if you look around, you’d see that there are actually a lot of great finds you probably didn’t even know existed. If you’re wondering which ones are worth your buck, here’s a list of some of the most awesome finds at 7-Eleven that’s guaranteed to make both your tummy and your pocket happy:

Wei Lih GGE Wheat Snacks

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We’ve been missing the noodle snack Nooda Crunch ever since it went missing in supermarkets. But there’s hope yet, because there’s a new noodle snack in town! Wei Lih GGE is almost the same as Nooda Crunch, but it has more flavors for every palate and comes in two different sizes. It’s just the perfect stress food!


Raffa Sparkling Wine

A wine for just Php 58?! Yup, it exists! The Raffa Sparkling Wine tastes surprisingly good considering its very cheap price, and this sparkling drink really looks pretty on a wine glass.


Dutchmill Delight Probiotic Drink

If you’re a fan of Yakult and Dutch Mill, here’s another alternative for your probiotic needs. And hear this: it also comes in a bigger variant of 400 ml! No, we’re not kidding. Happy hoarding!


Nestea Milk Tea

This milk tea powder drink is the bomb. You no longer have to go to a milk tea stall to purchase a drink worth a hundred pesos, because you can enjoy the same goodness in Nestea’s milk tea for only Php 13. Trust us, it tastes legit! Definitely worth your moolah. (Tip: For a full milk tea experience, buy a can of grass jelly in the supermarket and add it to your milk tea.)

Joy Gulaman

There are times when we crave for sago’t gulaman, but we’re wary about buying from street vendors. Joy Gulaman to the rescue! It’ll definitely satisfy your craving with its undeniably Pinoy samalamig flavor. There are other variants too like the milk tea gulaman, coffee jelly, and pandan gulaman, and you will surely love them all!


Peckish Rice Crackers

Baked and gluten-free, this light snack is your healthier alternative to junk food, especially if the urge to stress-eat is quite intense.


Sisig Sinigang Rice

7-Eleven has a wide variety of rice meals for the budget-conscious, but this one is most recommended. Sisig and sinigang combined?! It may be quite an unusual pairing, but trust us, it’s the perfect match! You’ll want to get a second serving of this tasty treat, and you can easily afford to do so because it’s super cheap.


Instant coffees by popular coffee shops

Here’s a life hack: if you can’t afford to buy a 100-peso coffee everyday from popular coffee shops, there are instant versions in 7-Eleven! Sachets of UCC and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf instant coffee can be had for only a fraction of the price. This will help you save a ton!


Know other 7-Eleven finds worth sharing? Share with us in the comments section below!

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