Filipino “Royalties”: The Chosen Few Worthy of Honorifics

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Filipino “Royalties”: The Chosen Few Worthy of Honorifics


| October 2, 2017

Concert King and Queen

It might have been years ago but Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez will always hold the title of Concert King and Queen respectively. Although these days, Pops stays out of the limelight and Martin has opted to drop his Concert King title for Leading Man of Concerts. Between the two of them, they shared sold out record albums, movies, and shows at the height of their fame. They also got married and had two children but eventually got an annulment in 2002. If it’s any consolation, the two remain good friends to date.


King of Comedy

When Dolphy passed away at 83 due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, we knew there would never be a person to replace him as the Philippines’ King of Comedy. He is the man that made us laugh for almost half a century. The radio, television, and film industry captured his wit for everybody to see. And although these days we deem his films as half gold and half corny, admit it, we need his films now more than ever to lighten a lot of situations. Rest in peace!


King and Queen of Prime Time

Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes are dubbed as the Prime Time King and Queen of their network, GMA. The pair met in 2007 at the set of Marimar and had an undeniable chemistry that ultimately transcended the bounds of showbiz. Surpassing all the obstacles and controversies hurled at them, the couple is now married and continues their reign as the Prime Time King and Queen, but now they have the addition of a pretty baby girl.


Philippine Showbiz Teen King and Queen

Via Kami

While it seems like our showbiz is so unnecessarily populated by love teams which multiply by the year, only one apparently reigns supreme. Behold, the tandem of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla or as the love team has earned its own moniker, KathNiel.  Now the fans of LizQuen, JaDine, and the blossoming JoshLia might not agree but the numbers tell a different tale. Starred in multiple teleseryes and movies throughout the years, KathNiel remains with a strong following and is currently starring in the prime time teleserye La Luna Sangre.

Pay homage to the chosen ones!


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