Food Shows on Netflix When You Want to Torture Yourself

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Food Shows on Netflix When You Want to Torture Yourself

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| May 2, 2017

Food Shows on Netflix

When You Want

to Torture Yourself

By Therese Aseoche

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There’s probably a sound explanation to why we find peace and joy when watching cooking shows, even without the intention to learn the recipe and cook it in the near future. I’m guessing it’s that it just feels so damn good knowing that a chef’s culinary masterpiece — be it something as simple as French toast, or something as complex as boeuf bourguignon — can actually exist in this world.

But while it delights our senses, it also tortures our taste buds knowing we’ll never be able to eat something so perfectly made. That won’t stop us from watching cooking shows, though.

So here’s a roundup of shows and documentaries on Netflix that revolve around food for you to binge-watch. Be warned: you might end up binge-eating right after.

8. The Mind of a Chef

Currently, there are four seasons but season one with Chef David Chang of Momofuku fame is what will definitely get you hooked on the series. Narrated by Anthony Bourdain, “The Mind of a Chef” aims to expose how world-acclaimed chefs think, live, and create through their travels, time in the kitchen, and interactions with other chefs.


7. Chef’s Table

“Chef’s Table” focuses on one chef from all over the world per episode to showcase his or her artistry, thought-process, and life outside the kitchen. It’s kind of like “The Mind of a Chef,” only more chefs are featured instead of focusing on one a season. The variety of gourmet dishes you get to see will surely get your mouth watering.



This show will entrance you with its beautiful shots and sounds, and especially its rich storytelling. It’s the brainchild of food writer Michael Pollan who is also the show’s star and who aims to inspire his audience to appreciate how our meals end up on our tables. Through “COOKED,” Pollan tells us the history of food preparation and how food is amazingly able to connect people all over the world.


5. For Grace

Be ready with a box of tissues before watching this! “For Grace” is a documentary film focusing on Chef Curtis Duffy whose dream is to make his restaurant, Grace, one of the best in the country. It narrates the journey of Chef Duffy from being a troubled teenager seeking refuge in the kitchen after a tragic accident in the family to the renowned chef that he is today.