G N’ R Lies: 8 Things You May Not Know About Guns N’ Roses

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G N’ R Lies: 8 Things You May Not Know About Guns N’ Roses

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| May 24, 2018

G N’ R Lies:

8 Things You May Not Know

About Guns N’ Roses

By 8List

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What would complete your 80s experience aside from the neon signs and high-waist pants that have been highly visible lately? Why a Guns N’ Roses tour might be just the thing!

As we prepare for this rock n’ roll extravaganza, let us revisit the days when the band embodied the sex, drugs and rock n’ roll lifestyle. Here are 8 things you might not know about The Most Dangerous Band in the World:

Slash Hated “Sweet Child of Mine:

Slash and fellow GnR guitarist Izzy Stradlin were goofing around, with Slash coming up with that legendary riff (that would eventually become a rite of passage for future guitar god hopefuls) as a joke. Unbeknownst to Slash, Axl Rose was already writing lyrics as the two guitarists were jamming. And the rest is, well, you know the rest.


Feud with Metallica

A lot of people doubted that it could ever happen, but two titans of rock joined forces and embarked on a landmark tour in 1992. But on one performance, Metallica was forced to cut short their set as singer James Hetfield burned his arm on a pyro accident onstage. The full capacity crowd had to wait for hours before GnR came on, as they refused to come up onstage ahead of their scheduled performance. When they did start their set, Axl and crew grew frustrated over the technical difficulties and stormed off the stage. A riot then ensued, and the animosity between both bands was born.


Feud with Nirvana

Kurt Cobain and wife Courtney Hole jokingly asked Axl to be the godfather of their child. Hotheaded Axl didn’t like it and had some choice words for the couple.


Slash Auditioned for Poison

Slash was shortlisted as the next guitarist for another upcoming LA band, Poison, after having auditioned for Brett Michaels and co. According to Poison members, they felt Slash would not jive well with what they had planned for the band. Slash felt slighted he wasn’t picked, and GnR and Poison would have a dragged-out feud, most probably because of the incident.