8 “Good-Looking, Smooth-Talking Millennials” Harry Roque Could Hire As An Aide

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8 “Good-Looking, Smooth-Talking Millennials” Harry Roque Could Hire As An Aide

It’s a crapshoot, but we’ll bite.

| November 3, 2017

4. Atom Araullo

Who He Is: Probably the most inappropriate person to go “sapiosexual” over. Former ABS-CBN newscaster, currently GMA-7 documentary host.

Good-Looking? No question.

Smooth-Talking? Sure thing.

Recommendation: You wanted women to “fall in love” with your aide, right, Mr. Roque? Have we got the guy for you.


3. Leloy Claudio

Who He Is: Author of the book “Basagan Ng Trip,” well-known lawyer, debater, columnist, and owner of a million dollar smile that makes even some straight men swoon.

Good-Looking? Uh-huh.

Smooth-Talking? Uh-huh.

Recommendation: If they wanted someone who could easily be recognized as an objective voice within the administration who is willing to look at both sides of every issue, Leloy Claudio really should be their pick. Even Attorney Florin Hilbay vouches for him!


2. Carlos Agassi

Who He Is: Behold.

Good-Looking? Hard to argue against that. Let’s put it at a definite “yes.”

Smooth-Talking? Does this look like someone who needs to smooth-talk anyone?

This spokesman lets his abs do the speaking. Among other body parts.

Recommendation: If you need a spokesman who can operate exclusively via Instagram, look no further.


1. Franco Mabanta

Who He Is: Ardent Duterte supporter, host, and wannabe comedian. Known as Jasper in TV commercials, and kinda infamous in Boracay.

Good-Looking? He seems to approve.

Smooth-Talking? Absolutely.

Recommendation: If you want someone who can both bully someone and then represent an anti-bullying cause in the same breath, look no further than Franco Mabanta.


Who’s your pick? Tell us about it below!