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Have You Heard of the Vagina Facial?

Well, we were able to send a man to the moon.

| March 15, 2018

Have You Heard of the Vagina Facial?

By Therese Aseoche

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As clickbait-y as the title may sound, the vagina facial is the real deal. We’ll allow you a few seconds to wrap your head around this.

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We know that it’s a peculiar concept to digest, but here’s our best effort to answer all the queries you may have about it.

What is it?

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The vagina facial, or vajacial, is exactly what it is — a facial meant for your groin. It was conceptualized by Marta Camkiran, an aesthetician at Haven Spa in New York City, who realized that waxing clinics rarely removed ingrown hair after waxing, or offered it as a separate service. She wanted to resolve this by creating a specialized treatment made for removing ingrown hair, which led to the creation of the very first vajacial treatment, the Peach Smoothie.

Cut to years later when the vajacial has become a mainstream service with plenty of clinics across Western countries offering it to women. It’s often associated with another strange beauty treatment called vaginal steaming which is actually a much different treatment altogether.


What does it do?

The vajacial is made for any woman seeking to pamper their nether region. You need it the same way you need a normal facial, which means that it’s medically unnecessary and is a luxury only a few can afford. It’s meant to target ingrown hairs and hyperpigmentation around the bikini line, and to cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and brighten.

The difference between vajacial and vaginal steaming is that the latter is more of a detoxifying service while the vajacial specifically treats ingrown hairs.


Who administers this type of facial?

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Typically, only certified aestheticians should perform the treatment. But just like anywhere else, it’s difficult to spot the fakes, especially now when it’s turned into such a fad. So make sure that you’re getting your vajacial from a 100% legit clinic!


What happens during a vagina facial?

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The treatment lasts at least 30 minutes and should be availed of a week or two after waxing. Different clinics administer the service in slightly different ways, but it generally involves washing, cleansing, and exfoliating the vulva, extracting the ingrown hairs via tools or high-tech LED lights, and then applying a hydrating mask.

Haven Spa’s own Peach Smoothie procedure begins with a basic skin cleansing, then an exfoliating AHA scrub to help open pores for easier ingrown hair extractions. After that, a green tea acid peel is sprayed on your skin which is meant to kill bacteria and treat scarring and hyperpigmentation. It ends with a calming cream, a cooling mask, and a moisturizing cream applied to your vulva.