Haven’t Watched Alex Gonzaga’s Vlogs? Here are 8 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe ASAP

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Haven’t Watched Alex Gonzaga’s Vlogs? Here are 8 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe ASAP

Like Kris. Only younger. And less, uhm, Krissy.

| January 18, 2018

Haven’t Watched

Alex Gonzaga’s Vlogs?

Here are 8 Reasons

Why You Should Subscribe


By Kyzia Maramara

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In a world where everything is quickly becoming digital, why not put the digital equivalent of a journal out there? And while we know all vloggers aren’t the same and some post vlogs with less than likeable qualities like this guy here, there are others whose lives we’re actually interested in.

It’s been months since Alex Gonzaga launched her vlog and 22 videos after, here we are still holding our stomach in laughter and begging for more. Alex currently has more than 400 thousand subscribers and her most viewed video is at 2 million. Sure, she’s a celebrity, but the views are there not just because she is but because she’s also quite a character.

If you’re curious, read on!

1. It’s an automatic insider on the life of a celebrity

If you’ve always wondered how a celebrity lives their life off cam, Alex’s vlog can answer that. Well, about her life at least. She treats her subscribers to tours in her room and tours in her walk-in closets complete with her own wall of shoes, she cooks in her mom’s kitchen, and occasionally raids her family’s bags. Because of her vlogs we’ve also travelled with her to Europe and saw things the media can’t report in their showbiz news.


2. Her vlogs are entertaining, almost as if she goes for the first thing that pops in her head

And we’re guessing they almost always are. Her vlog on cooking spaghetti with her mom, for instance, was a total cooking show chaos but it had us smiling until the end. In another vlog, Mommy Pinty reveals that she was put on the spot without any warning. And don’t we just live for these spontaneous moments? Even Alex’s bag raids are true to every sense of the word – bag raids.


3. She will make you laugh by just being herself

There’s no denying that almost all her subscribers are there because she made them laugh. Many people refer to her videos as happy pills or guilty pleasures. Alex’s combacks, witty comments, quirks, and antics all make for a video worth watching. But what we’re really glad about is that she doesn’t need to insult anyone or tell green jokes just to achieve the reputation as a natural comedienne.


4. You will slowly get to know the rest of her family

If all you’ve known is just the Gonzaga sisters, get ready to fall in love with the rest of the Gonzaga family. Alex’s vlog gets you a day at a time into the lives of the Gonzagas and lets you see how close they are with each other. Now here’s a family that’s not reduced to quarrels every time they’re around each other!