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Here’s How You Can Get those Pearly Whites You’ve Always Dreamed Of

We give you reasons to smile.

| May 16, 2018

Here’s How

You Can Get those Pearly Whites

You’ve Always Dreamed Of

By Desiree Pore

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We’ve all had that dream of entering the showbiz industry back when we’re young (probably until now), and one of the unspoken requirements of being an  artista  is to have a perfect set of white teeth. Unfortunately for us, not everyone is born with perfect pearly whites. If you’re still dreaming of how to get those perfectly white teeth, you’re in luck, as The Smile Bar is here to help make that dream realized!

Launched last year here in Manila, The Smile Bar is a teeth whitening clinic that uses the LED Plasma Light technology in every teeth whitening treatment. This technology proves to be effective and delivers better and faster results compared to other teeth whitening methods. Here’s what you can expect when you book an appointment with The Smile Bar:

1. Whiten Your Teeth in Just 20 Minutes!

The Smile Bar offers different whitening services, all promising to whiten your teeth in just 20 minutes! Yup, that’s faster than your daily shower! You can avail one of the following services: Single Whitening, Double Whitening, and Triple Whitening.


2. Its Sleek Interior Will Make You Want to Come Back

The Smile Bar’s interior is not like your typical service boutique’s. Its minimalistic interiors will make you feel welcome and comfortable right away. Its bright lights are also very helpful when assessing your current teeth color (and also helpful for taking selfies).


3. Know Your Current Teeth Sitch

Before you start your session, a specialist will help you figure out your current teeth color using a teeth shade guide. She will then match your teeth color with one of the guides, ranging from S2 to S40.


4. Products To Help Your Journey to Pearly Whites

The Smile Bar offers safe, sophisticated and effective teeth whitening services with products and technology from one of today’s largest names in the Swedish teeth whitening market, Brilliant Smile. These products include the whitening toothpaste and mouth rinse.