8 NSYNC Songs

We’ll Be Playing On Repeat

By Patti Sunio

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Whether it’s their recent Walk Of Fame appearance together for the first time in years, or the resurgence of “it’s gonna be May!” memes on our feeds, now is the right time to playback the songs we loved from this 90s boy band.

Here’s what’s on our playlist:


Bye Bye Bye probably has the catchiest chorus ever and the dance steps are quite easy to follow. It’s the single that launched the band’s No Strings Attached album—their best one ever. The song’s music video, which shows the members as puppets, won Best Pop Video and Choreography at the 2000 MTV VMAs.



The song survives to this day, and will perhaps see a yearly resurgence, all thanks to the way Justin Timberlake pronounces “me” as “may”, which has resulted in so many meme versions come the first of May. The band’s highest-charting single, It’s Gonna Be Me, remains yet another catchy, dance-y tune to this day.



Back in the day, this song was overplayed and we certainly ended up growing sick of it. Maybe now’s the time for a fresh playback. This I Promise You is a favorite because it’s a far cry from their upbeat tunes. As young teens and tweens, we were pleasantly surprised seeing them in the video, clean-cut, and in cozy turtlenecks.



I Want You Back is probably one of the most spoofed videos back then, and also the one most danced to. The beats are so infectious, it’s impossible to just sit still while listening to it. The video also features the members in cool choreography and stunts that can be used in street dancing or cheerleading.


Originally intended to be recorded by the Backstreet Boys, Tearin’ Up My Heart turned out to be one of the best singles from NSYNC’s self-titled album. The song debuted on TRL in 1998, and immediately became the most requested video.



Thinking Of You is one of those songs we keep debating about its official title, since the chorus line begins with “drive myself crazy” and that’s what we remember more. The song isn’t one of the top-charting ones upon its release, but we’ll forever love it for its sentimental music video and how it will always remind us of the 90s!



When Pop was first released, we thought it was super cool. It’s new, and very far from the NSYNC songs we’re used to. Both the song and the video incorporated special effects that was very apt for the new millennium. Justin Timberlake was in fact involved in writing the song, and in the video, he showcases his beat boxing talent for the first time.



This was the time when the members were beginning to slowly shed their baggy pants and jacket image. It was another break from their teeny-bopper looks, and this time, they geared towards hip-hop influences. Even the video featured all the right hip-hop elements, from vintage cars to scantily-clad girls. Girlfriend also paved the way for what was to be Justin Timberlake’s successful career as a solo artist.


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