8 Ways To Protect Your Pets Against The Heat


8 Ways To Protect Your Pets Against The Heat

Keep your furry pals cool in this heat!

| May 19, 2016

Protect Pets Against Heat8 Ways To Protect Your Pets Against The Heat
by Rai Mamac

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The heat this summer can be downright torture, but we can be so concerned about our fizzy hair, sweaty pits, and the possibility of dying of heatstroke that it’s easy to forget about how our pet cats and dogs must be feeling! Soaring temperatures can be really uncomfortable for most pets but can be dangerous for some. In that light, here are some tips on how to keep your furry friends heat-proof.

8. Give your pet lots of water

8 Protect Pets Against Heat
This may seem obvious, but it’s also really easy to forget. Make sure that your pet has access to water at all times, and that the water bowl is refilled whenever needed. A shallow doggy pool can also be a good idea to keep your dogs happy and cool!

7. Doggy haircut

7 Protect Pets Against Heat
It’s good to give your dogs a lightweight summer haircut, but please don’t shave them! They need at least an inch of fur to protect their skin form getting sunburned.

6. Brush your cat

6 Protect Pets Against Heat
It’s also good to brush your cat more often than usual. This helps remove loose fur, prevent overheating in the summer, and allows you to spend some more quality time with your feline friend. After all, chances are your cat already owns your soul.

5. Never leave your pet inside a parked car

5 Protect Pets Against Heat
You know that terrible feeling you get when you enter your car after leaving it parked for a long time under the scorching Manila sun? Don’t subject your pets to that torture.

4. No long walks

4 Protect Pets Against Heat
Don’t go for long walks, especially in the hottest hours of the day. It’s important to limit exercise for dogs in the summer to avoid heatstroke. If you absolutely must take your dog outside for a walk during the day, make sure to bring water along!

3. Don’t walk your pets on hot pavement

3 Protect Pets Against Heat
Remember that, unlike us, our pets don’t wear shoes to protect their feet. A hot blacktop or pavement can cause burnt feet after long walks, and dogs don’t even show signs of pain from this until it’s too late.

2. Know which dogs are at more risk

2 Protect Pets Against Heat
Some dog breeds can be less tolerant of heat than other breeds. Short-nosed dogs like pugs, shih tzus, and French bulldogs are more sensitive to heat. Puppies, obese dogs, and older dogs of all breeds also need special care in the summer, since they are less capable of regulating their own body temperatures.

1. Keep an eye on your pet

1 Protect Pets Against Heat
It’s important to be watchful of any signs of heatstroke in your furry friends. For dogs, this may include excessive panting, a dark pink or red tongue, dry mouth and mucus membranes, stumbling, and vomiting. If you notice any of these warning signals, move your pet to a cooler area, apply ice packs or cold towels on its neck, chest, or head, and give water or ice cubes. Afterwards, take your pet to your vet.

No matter what season it is, it’s important to try and love your pet as much as it loves you —which is truly, madly, deeply and, chances are, so much more than any boyfriend can.

Do you have any other tips for taking care of pets in this heat? Sound off in the comments below!