8 Instant Noodle Soup Variants for the Rainy Season

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8 Instant Noodle Soup Variants for the Rainy Season

Just add hot water.

| September 2, 2017

8 Instant Noodle Soup Variants

for the Rainy Season

By Patti Sunio

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Jolina has arrived, and the rainy season is here to stay. Whether you’re currently stuck in the office passing the time and hoping to head home when the traffic and baha have already subsided; or have fortunately just gotten home after braving the weather, there will come a time when you’ll just need an instant hangry fix.

Taking only three minutes to cook, comes in a variety of flavors, and are instantly satisfying to the taste and tummy, here are 8 instant noodle soup lifesavers you should have in stock in your pantry:

1. Lucky Me! Supreme Bulalo

We’ve been having this as kids, even way before we realized what the bulalo really is like, and now we’re wondering how it became a soup flavor. But all the same, this instant cup noodle soup is one of the classics and remains our go-to!


2. Lucky Me! La Paz Batchoy

Another classic. This is probably the instant noodle soup our moms would just automatically put into our grocery carts. Even when it’s not on the grocery list, mom must’ve bought it to save for rainy days.


3. Quick Chow Instant Mami

The name rings a bell because back when we were kids there was a catchy advertisement of this brand, and now it’s still stuck in our heads. Some of us might have grown accustomed to the “instant” version of the mami, even before having the chance to eat the real mami.


4. Jjampong

Via o2o.ph

What’s better than a rainy night with a warm cup of instant noodle soup in your hands? It’s having a spicy one that won’t only warm you but might even make you sweat! Its spiciness, however, is just right and can be recommended even for those who aren’t really fond of spicy food.