International Restaurants to Get Excited About this 2018

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International Restaurants to Get Excited About this 2018

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| January 28, 2018

Kam’s Roast

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Here’s another casual, affordable food spot that has been Michelin-recognized for its straightforward, excellent grub. Kam’s Roast is one of the most popular restaurants in Hong Kong for its moan-inducing, line-forming Roast Goose Leg.

Thanks to Foodee Global Concepts, we will soon be able to enjoy Kam’s Roast sans the need for a plain ticket. You can order their signature dish with rice or with the crowd-favorite Prince Kinsen Noodles. Their Crispy Belly is a must-try, too!


La Mère Poulard


La Mère Poulard has been delighting diners—from ordinary hungry folks to iconic names like Yves Saint Laurent—since 1879 in the beautiful island castle of Mon Saint Michel, Normandy, France. This three-star hotel slash restaurant is most famous for its omelette soufflés with luxurious accompaniments like grilled lobster and jamon.

Just imagine the fluffiest, most decadent omelette you’ve ever dreamt of devouring. Soon, you can finally have a taste!



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Ladies who brunch and those with a sweet tooth, listen up for some good news! One of NYC’s most revered bakeries and brunch spots is coming to our shores soon, so start making room (in your bellies and social calendars).

Sarabeth’s first claim to fame was her homemade fruit preserves. It didn’t take long for foodies from all over to notice her excellent pastries, too. Eventually, the menu expanded to include savory meals, now making it a one-stop delicious destination.


Toms Roasting Co. Coffee


Remember those comfy slip-on shoes that give one pair to charity for every purchase? Well, turns out, they’ve also made a café, and we shall get to taste their brews soon. Similar to their footwear brand, you’ll be ensuring that at least one less fortunate person gets to drink clean water for every coffee order from Toms Roasting Co. Coffee. How awesome is that?!


Have you spotted any of these restaurants building their Manila forts? Stay on the look out, and let us know what you find!