IV Beauty Drip: Is it for You?

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IV Beauty Drip: Is it for You?

If your idea of fun is sticking a needle in you.

| September 6, 2017

IV Beauty Drip:

Is it for You?

By Desiree Pore

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We all know that an IV is used for when you’re confined in a hospital; but for a Vitamin Drip Therapy, no hospital confinement is needed. Used by Hollywood A-listers such as Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton, and Rihanna, IV beauty drip is considered to be the secret of these celebrities to maintaining their youthful looks.

If you’re afraid of needles and injections, then this one’s not for you. Intravenous (IV) Vitamins are injected into your veins instead of the usual pills, making a direct contact with your bloodstream. Read on if you’re interested to know all about the latest beauty innovation that’s been said to ward off diseases like cancer.

The Pee-like Color of the IV

Don’t be alarmed when the nurse gives you an IV that’s yellowish in color. That’s pretty normal in IV drips as these IVs contain all the B vitamins that can help you with chronic fatigue and depression.


A Different Kind of Cocktail

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Named after the late John Myers, M.D., the Myers Cocktail is the most commonly used IV nutrients that help treat chronic conditions. Commonly used vitamins are magnesium chloride, Calcium gluconate, and B Complex.


Vitamin C, C, C

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Oh, the wonder that is Vitamin C. Vitamin C is touted to be a natural alternative to Botox.


Feel Energized All Day, Everyday

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One of the said benefits of the IV drip is that apparently you’ll immediately feel energized and rejuvenated right after your session. Because of its energy-giving benefit, celebrities preferred to be injected with such vitamins, with the effects lasting for days.