Tipid Tips: How to Jumpstart #BalikAlindog Without Going Broke

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Tipid Tips: How to Jumpstart #BalikAlindog Without Going Broke

Be like Beyonce. For less.

| February 20, 2017

Tipid Tips:

How to Jumpstart


Without Going Broke

By Shen Mascarinas

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Almost all New Year resolutions lists include exercising more and eating healthier. True enough, gyms are packed in January. Come February, though, moving bodies are considerably less. And that number just continues to go down as the year progresses.

One major factor: mahal magpapayat. Daw.

Don’t give up on #BalikAlindog just yet! With these tipid tips, you can stick to a healthier lifestyle not just for a month or two, but all effin’ year round.

Go running.

No requirement for a membership, special gear or class fee. All you’ve gotta do is step out and move your feet. What’s your excuse?

If running bores you, take the time to make a playlist that will perk you up. Audio books will keep you well entertained, too.


Prepare your meals.

Availing healthy meal deliveries (and giving up an arm in the process) isn’t the only way to eat right. You only need basic cooking skills to whip up clean, nutritious dishes that will fuel your fitness goals. If you’re a busy-bee, simply make your meals in advance and store for reheating throughout the week.

You can start with these healthy, easy baon ideas.


Always take the active route.

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Here are some examples—stairs over the elevator, walking over taking the car, deskercising over rotting at work. Get as much steps as you can in each day and before you know it, your body will actually crave for active movement.


Download these fitness apps.

From workout programs to nutrition tracking, there are tons of free apps that will help you achieve your fitness goals. And unlike gym trainers or nutritionists, you get to enjoy these apps’ benefits wherever you go, whenever you want and no matter the status of your bank account.

Start with these 8!