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8 Times KathNiel Showed Us Why They are the Perfect Love Team

Perfect combination.

| November 3, 2017

Iconic Hairstyles

Everyone is on the lookout for the latest hairstyles of this couple: Kathryn’s flowing locks (what color would it be in?) and DJ’s adventurous cuts (short or close-cropped?)–both of them would influence salon trends!


Are they or aren’t they?

For the longest time, these two have been teasing everyone about the real status of their relationship. But we would always be left with vague answers. But one thing is for sure: actions do speak louder than words.


Everytime We See These Sweet Moments

But whenever the films aren’t rolling, and in these private moments, they still are very much sweet to each other! Ah, sweet love! Their chemistry is undeniable!


That First Kiss

Fans of every age have been waiting forever to see these two kiss. And FINALLY when that moment came, it melted hearts everywhere and boy, did our hearts flutter!

Like the KathNiel love team, there are combinations that may seem to not go well together in the beginning, but later turn out to be quite the perfect pair.

Just like KFC’s hottest new love team: the Chili Cheese Chicken! It’s KFC Hot & Crispy Chicken dipped in Chili Cheese sauce, perfectly paired with chicken rice, mushroom soup and a drink.

A glorious finger lickin’ good combination you’ll definitely fall in love with! It sure is #KFCHottestLoveTeam — apart from KathNiel of course!

Try the new KFC Chili Cheese Chicken today! Also available, the KFC Chili Cheese Zinger.


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