8 Things Kids Who Grew Up Catholic Can Relate To

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8 Things Kids Who Grew Up Catholic Can Relate To

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| November 4, 2016

8 Things Kids Who Grew Up Catholic Can Relate To

By Jon Carlos Rodriguez

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From baptism, to confirmation, to marriage, children who grew up Catholic are taught very early about the power of prayer. But aside from memorizing prayers and turning the other cheek, there are other things that kids raised Catholic are taught to practice. Here are some of those things that kids who grew up Catholic can relate to.


Forget Boracay. Growing up in a Catholic household meant spending the Holy Week in the province, where–unless your province actually is Boracay–these things aren’t allowed: TV, loud music, games, fun. Parents would pitch it by saying, “Consider this your yearly ‘penitensya.'” Hey, as long as it doesn’t involve whipping yourself to draw blood, you’ll be fine.


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Aside from spending Holy Week in a quiet place, growing up as a Catholic also meant spending Good Friday at home. Good Friday is believed to be the most solemn and holiest days of the year, and it is best spent in prayer with the whole family. All the malls are closed, anyways.


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Remember that familiar bell ring? For three times in a day, kids who grew up Catholic are used to drop everything they’re doing, pause, and pray the Angelus.


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Every Catholic home has a spot for a crucifix, stampitas, candles, a statue of Mama Mary, the Sto. Nino, and at least 10 rosaries. This part of the home–and not your dad’s bar–is considered the most sacred.