8 Korean Dramas To Watch When You’re Young and In Love

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8 Korean Dramas To Watch When You’re Young and In Love

For those who want to keep the kilig going.

| February 15, 2017

8 Korean Dramas To Watch

When You’re Young and In Love

By Tynne De Leon

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However you feel right now, there’s always a Korean drama that can match how you feel. With  well-written plots and emotional, sometimes provocative, scenes—these k-dramas really know their way through the audience’s hearts.

So whether you currently want to feel more in love or just want to to remind yourself of the wonders of young love, here are the Korean dramas you can binge-watch:

School Series

This drama series is close to the hearts of many since its debut in 1999, and its standalone seasons portray relatable high school shenanigans and, of course, love stories. If you’re still in high school, the struggles and dilemmas of being young will definitely hit you. But if you’ve already graduated from that, this series will make you miss that special time in your life, especially with that young love you had.



This drama may have the typical Cinderella-meets-chaebol-son plot line, but that won’t stop you from loving its star-studded ensemble and the interesting character conflicts. The family and school dramas were relentless, but its kilig scenes didn’t frustrate. Aside from having the ultimate heartthrob Lee Min Ho, trust us, you will basically love every character in this drama.


Dream High Series

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This series depicts what it’s like to be in love while chasing your dreams. The characters are well fleshed out, and the wonderful music sung originally by the cast will give you all the feels. You’ll really feel good after watching this series, and maybe you’d even want to write a song for bae.


Boys Over Flowers

While this drama is a little  mainstream, we can’t deny that it put us through a roller coaster of emotions when it was shown years ago. Sure, the F4 mold is apparent here, but a lot of scenes here will not disappoint and it will make you feel good about being young and in love.