8 Global Reaction Videos

to Jollibee’s Valentine’s Series

By Tynne de Leon and Therese Aseoche


You must be heartless if you weren’t at the very least moved by Jollibee’s 3-part Valentine’s Series. (And if you haven’t watched any of them, you should drop whatever you’re doing and watch NOW.)

There’s no doubt that the web commercials had the the entire nation shookt, sparking many hugot posts and Yum Burger memes. But did you know that they’ve also made waves outside the country?

People from all over the world have watched, cried, and loved the Valentine’s Series as much as we Filipinos did, and it’s crazy just how intense their reactions were. Here are only some of them!

8. This guy who got so mad

Yup, we feel yah bruh.


7. These two girls who tried so hard not to cry

There’s no shame in crying your eyes out, ladies. Don’t worry.


6. This married couple who cried for the first time in a reaction video

They all felt real to us too.


5. This guy who did not expect the twist in the end of “The Vow”

Echoes our emotions.

4. This guy who just straight up walked away

There’s probably no other perfect way to react to that ending, honestly.


3. This guy who got a little mad at Jollibee

Same bruh, same


2. This sweet couple who felt sorry for “best friend” in “Vow”

Lesson: It’s really hard to play the nice guy.


1. This girl who wondered what happened

We really don’t know, either.


How did you react to Jollibee’s Valentine video series? Tell us in the comments section below!

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