8 Korean Variety Shows That Are Guaranteed to Make You LOL

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8 Korean Variety Shows That Are Guaranteed to Make You LOL

When you still k-nt get enough.

| July 7, 2017

8 Korean Variety Shows

that are Guaranteed

to Make You LOL

By Blair Perez

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Pinoys are definitely huge fans of the Hallyu wave: from their dramas to songs, we just can’t get enough of them. But let me tell you: their variety shows are definitely addictive as well. Take a break from the sorrow and heartache of watching dramas and laugh your ass out loud with Korean variety shows. Trust us, they will suck the pain out of you. Below are some of the best ones:

I Can See Your Voice

Singing games always add a lot of fun in variety shows, so you can just imagine how fun it is to watch I Can See Your Voice. But no, this is not like The Voice or Your Face Sounds Familiar. Its premise is that they’ll have a group which consists of people who can sing, and those who can’t, and professional singers have to guess on who can sing well by their physical appearance alone. If they pick the latter, the person will take home 5 million won, but if the one who can sing gets chosen, the person will be able to sing and record a duet with the singer. Plus, it will be released as a digital single!


Radio Star

This talk show is definitely popular especially to kpop fans, since they guest a lot of singers and B-list celebrities to talk about just anything—from their personal lives to unique things their fans want to know about them. They even perform their hit songs by the end of the show!


Celebrity Bromance

Via Soompi

You read that right: there’s a variety show to fulfill your bromance fantasies! Featuring Korean stars who are friends in real life, the show’s format is paparazzi-style, where the celebrity pair per season will basically have fun doing different things like traveling, shopping or even just goofing around. If you’re not a kpop fan yet, consider this your initiation.


Hello Counselor

Via YouTube

This entertaining talk show invites four guests each week, all regular people, to share their life problems that will be re-enacted by the MCs. You will easily get hooked with listening to people’s real-life issues, which, most of the time, are eye-opening. At the end of each episode, the audience members will vote for the guest who has the biggest problem, and the winner gets a cash prize.