8 Signs Mocha Uson Doesn’t Understand How the Government Works

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8 Signs Mocha Uson Doesn’t Understand How the Government Works

What’s the bare minimum required to work there nowadays?

| August 9, 2017

8 Signs Mocha Uson

Doesn’t Understand

How the Government Works

By Kel Fabie

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With the recent victory everyone should be celebrating finally a reality, the new Free Tertiary Education Bill should certainly inspire us to see how making things better for our country should be beyond partisan interests. After all, this is a law that was fought for on the streets by activists, pushed for by opposition senators, and signed into the law by the President, despite multiple advisors telling him otherwise. It is truly beautiful when we see all facets of a country, from citizens to several co-equal branches of government working together.

Unfortunately, all of this nuance and wonderful cooperation seems to have flown over the head of one Mocha Uson. We find it our responsibility to remind her how the government she is currently a part of works, beginning by pointing out…

8. The government budget is ratified by congress.


When Senator Bam Aquino happily announced that a law he has co-authored has finally been signed by the President, Mocha Uson immediately dismissed this with her insightful tweet:

Mocha Uson: truly a wordsmith.

The Problem: Not only do taxes come from us, the taxpayers, but how those taxes are put into a budget is mainly done by congress, not the president.

The main reason President Duterte’s advisers were against the law was mainly because the current budget doesn’t accommodate such a drastic change. It falls within the purview of Congress to ratify any budget proposed by the President to them, which means that in terms of where the money comes from among the three branches of government, the Legislative branch is the one responsible for it, making Mocha the “tongak” in this particular case (just like the other seven in this list, but we digress).


7. Mocha might not be familiar with the Philippine Constitution.

In talking about her conspiracy theory involving corruption and taxes (Ooohhh!!! Corruption! Such a thing of the past in 2017, right?), Mocha Uson cited the all-important Article  263 of the Constitution to illustrate her point.


Legal excellence, thine name is Mocha.

The Problem: There are only 18 articles in the Philippine Constitution.

Granted, this is obviously an honest mistake on her part, but considering she is being paid as a government official to communicate to us on behalf of the president, it should be well within our rights to demand accuracy and precision from someone being paid well by our hard-earned money.


6. She has no idea what the Vice President’s functions are.

Given her long-running feud with the Vice President and the countless times she has picked a fight with her, you would think Ms. Uson would have a great handle of exactly what it is she’s going up against in the VP.

And she would realize by now how little her target actually cares.

The Problem: The Vice President is functionally just a figurehead unless the president is absent or is asked to do something in an official capacity. Anything beyond that is a bonus.

Technically speaking, the Vice President could just sit on her hands for the rest of her term, and she would still be in fulfillment of her function, so long as the President is alive and well. Every single time Mocha insists the VP didn’t do enough, or did too much, or did something before the President did, or after the President did, are all ramblings of someone who clearly has an agenda to push. But heaven forbid we ever figure out what kind of agenda that is.

All things considered, it’s pretty amusing to see people get triggered whenever the Vice President does something like ride a bus to Bicol while praising the President for taking a commercial plane to travel (which he no longer does, by the way). Why, if we didn’t know better, we would begin to think there’s some kind of double standard going on here!


5. She has no idea what her functions were as an MTRCB Board Member and Social Media Ambassador.

For someone who was once a staunch advocate of Reproductive Health education, you would think Mocha Uson’s erstwhile appointment to the MTRCB would have provided us with a progressive and less Draconic board, but her misguided crusade against non-existent “soft porn” during her tenure would prove you wrong.


Pictured: Someone who claims to be staunchly against vulgarity, and someone who should have been the first person she took a long, hard look at before pointing any other fingers.

The Problem: In both cases, Mocha clearly doesn’t understand her mandate.

When she was a part of the MTRCB, she refused to collaborate with the other board members in pushing for her advocacy, and completely neglected her function as a “social media ambassador” for the last Metro Manila FilmFest, as she was too busy attacking the Vice President during that time to so much as watch the movies she was supposed to be promoting.

It seems that she wants all the perks and prestige that comes with being a part of government service (or “presstitutes,” considering how she jumped on having an opinion column in a newspaper the first chance she got) without actually having to fulfill the responsibilities of a government position. Surely, that’s not something Mocha Uson would do, right?

Sorta like this guy, who is hopefully not touching himself over the joy of receiving an ASEAN ID.