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8 Signs Mocha Uson Doesn’t Understand How the Government Works

What’s the bare minimum required to work there nowadays?

| August 9, 2017

4. She understands her mandate as ASec even less.

As an integral part of the PCOO, it is now her job to communicate to the public on behalf of the President, and her “blog,” which is about as much as a blog as Comic Alley is a store for comics,  is inextricably part and parcel of that, no matter how much she tries to insist that her Facebook page with millions of followers and ridiculous engagement are her “private” views and unconnected to her stint as a government official. This is why she is very upset whenever people constantly call her out when she posts something clearly wrong on her page.

The Problem: She can’t have it both ways. She is either a powerful government official representing the President in some capacity, or merely an avid supporter with a “blog.”

The thing is, people call her out precisely because as part of the PCOO, the last thing she should be doing is peddling misinformation. She wants to have her cake and eat it too by having all the power of ASec, but none of the higher standards an ASec should be subjected to.

Besides, didn’t she herself claim that as part of the PCOO, she will use that very position “to fight fake news?” If so, then why is she, of all people, one of the first to peddle it? How does she even begin to fight fake news, then, if not a small chunk of it actually comes from her?

Pictured: artist’s rendition of “Mocha Uson fighting fake news.”


3. She doesn’t understand the function of the CHR.

In Mocha Uson’s wonderful world, everyone should support the President, and anyone who has something else to say is an #enemyofchange. Surely, when the President says something, it needs to happen, because that’s why he’s President, right? This goes double for the Commission on Human Rights, who has been a constant thorn in the side of the President because they keep harping on that Human Rights thing, while not lifting a finger when a citizen of this country gets killed or raped. By a drug addict, no doubt, because it all leads back to drugs, drugs, drugs.

The Problem: The CHR is specifically mandated to be a watchdog against government abuse.

If a citizen’s human rights were violated by another civilian, that’s what the police is literally there for. But if the citizen’s human rights were violated by the police, then that’s where the CHR comes in, precisely because we’ve experienced a lot of human rights violations prior to the CHR being established, and we’ve kinda had enough of it. For Mocha Uson to keep harping on the CHR for doing its job is a bit of a laugh considering she clearly has yet to do hers.

Not pictured: someone doing their job.


2. She completely forgets how a democracy works.

If Mocha had her way, she would brook no dissent and round up every single person who doesn’t support the President and his war against drugs. Every single member of the opposition is an “enemy” of progress, and the people who didn’t vote for the President should just shut up because their candidate lost.

The Problem: That’s literally the opposite of how a democracy works.

In a democracy, dissent is actually a sign of a healthy democracy, because we are allowed to check and balance our government from being too powerful just because they’re popular. Democracy isn’t a tyranny of the majority, contrary to what we might think, and any attempts to silence opposition is not only dangerous, but downright unconstitutional.

It appears Ms. Mocha is conflating dissent with treason, which explains why she has so much disdain for cabinet officials who don’t kowtow to every single thing the President stands for. But even with standards as ruthless as that, we find a problem because…


1. Mocha herself is capable of dissent against the president.

Ms. Uson believes that the President can do no wrong, as is her right to hold an opinion She believes that anyone who believes otherwise should be thrown to the dogs and left in the lurch, because anything less than absolute, unquestioning loyalty would result in an unforgivable setback in the march for change set by our beloved President.

We should be wearing these, because we’re fatigued, not them.

The Problem: Whenever Mocha criticizes the LTFRB over the Grab-Uber issue, she is questioning the president’s “perfection.”

If the President can do no wrong, then surely, the fact that his appointed LTFRB head is still in place means that he believes his LTFRB is still doing right by him. The more Mocha keeps criticizing the LTFRB, the more she reveals that given the right issue and enough populist support, she can throw even “Tatay Digong” under the bus.

It’s pretty great to see that someone like Mocha could be living the dream, making a 6-figure salary paid for by our taxes, but as one of the people paying her salary, it seems appropriate for me to say that she sucks at this job a whole lot more than she did at her previous ones.


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