Movies About Motherhood You Shouldn’t Watch When You’re A New Mother

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Movies About Motherhood You Shouldn’t Watch When You’re A New Mother

That escalated quickly.

| May 15, 2018

Hungry Hearts (2014)

This entry is less an exercise in gore and scares and more an emotionally fraught thriller. While mother-to-be Mina insists on keeping her son pure by rejecting modern medicine and treatments, husband Jude fights to save him from undernourishment. Intense and affecting performances from Adam Driver and Alba Rohrwacher make this a compelling but difficult watch, though making a mother watch this would only make them question how you see them.


Demon Seed (1977)

A scientist builds an extremely advanced computer intelligence called Proteus IV. It develops leukemia treatments, achieve self-awareness and longs to be free from its prison of transistors and magnetic tape. So how does it do it? Why, by forcibly impregnating the scientist’s wife of course! Proteus IV also employs emotional manipulation to ensure she will love their child.


Aliens (1982)

While not strictly about motherhood, the original Alien saga is a terrifying paean to pregnancy. While the first movie is a classic for originating the visceral image of birth as a cause of death, all four tap into the body horror connotations of gestating a life inside you. It culminates in the fourth movie with an alien that possesses a human uterus and a human-alien hybrid baby that regards Ripley as its mother.


Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Roman Polanski’s landmark horror film of a naïve mother is upsetting for many reasons, least of those are the Satanists and witches who want to claim the titular character’s baby for themselves. Rosemary’s Baby is a paranoiac’s nightmare that taps into fears that your husband might have less than noble – if not outright sinister – intentions and that your child might be the AntiChrist. Fifty years later, it’s the definitive pregnancy horror movie.


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