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“Love, Simon”

By Macky Macarayan

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Teenage flicks come and go, and with the popularity of Young Adult novels, film adaptations have sprung left and right, from   The Fault in Our Stars    to the     Divergent    series. However, let us make a case for     Love, Simon,   based on the book     Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda     by Becky Albertalli. Yes it is both a coming-of-age and coming out film, but this is not your ordinary YA popcorn flick.

Coming Out

In the age of gender fluidity, it’s still puzzling that many are still clueless regarding gender, sexual preference and gender politics, among other things.     Love, Simon     is a step forward for mainstream studios, focusing on a gay coming-of-age story that accurately portrays youth dynamics in a tech-driven world. The film, among its many important and heartfelt messages, tells us that coming out is never anyone’s decision but your own.


Pop Culture References

From     Harry Potter,    to     Requiem for a Dream,    to      13 Going on 30,     take your pick of pop culture references. For fans of     13 Reasons Why,   Katherine Langford, who played Hannah Baker in that series is also here, as Simon’s bestfriend Leah. In several scenes, the students are rehearsing the musical    Cabaret,  which is set in Nazi Germany (Hitler hated homosexuals). Also, since we’ve already brought up    13 Going on 30,     it’s no accident that Simon’s mom is played by…


Jennifer Garner

LOVE, SIMON | Parenting Win

Jokes aside, this movie will make you wanna hug your parents. They really ARE doing the best that they can. <3

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Posted by 20th Century Fox on Wednesday, May 9, 2018

We’ve loved Jennifer Garner since her    Alias   days, and as she has now been doing mostly mother roles ( Miracles from Heaven    and now this film), we still hold our breath everytime she appears onscreen. Garner delivers a line with such empathy that whenever she cries, you cry with her.


Kickass Soundtrack

Love, Simon    has a collection of tunes guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat: Whether you like The 1975 (“Love Me”), Bleachers (“Rollercoaster,” “Wild Heart,” “Keeping a Secret” and “Alfie’s Song”) or Troye Sivan (“Strawberries & Cigarettes”), or perhaps all of them, chances are you’ll be humming endlessly after the film.

Lovable, Well-rounded Characters

One of the striking characteristics of    Love, Simon     is that the four bestfriends, Simon (Nick Robinson), Leah (Katherine Langford), Abby (Alexandra Shipp) and Nick (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.) all have distinct personalities, as well as individual struggles and goals that by the time the movie ends, it feels like we’ve known these characters all our lives. An array of supporting characters are also memorable, from Simon’s family to the blackmailing douche who will never be invited to another party. And yes, we want Simon’s theater arts teacher to be our teacher!


Rollercoaster of Emotions

LOVE, SIMON – Generation

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There’s a rollercoaster scene in the film (we’re actually talking about a real rollercoaster here, people) which is an exact metaphor of what you’ll feel after the credits roll. There’s the rush of excitement, the thrill of the chase, the giggling feeling of first love, the numerous pains borne out of fear and intolerance, and yes, empathy. (We’re not going to spoil anything for you, sorry!)


A Mirror of Society


Why is straight the default? Time to hit the reset button.

#LoveSimonPH is NOW SHOWING!

Posted by 20th Century Fox on Thursday, May 10, 2018

The world that exists in   Love, Simon   is actually a microcosm of present society, where people are classified based on their decisions. You might find yourselves searching for your character in the film, and ask the question “what would I have done?”


Life Affirmation

Love, Simon    is exactly the feel-good film we all need in these troubled times. You bring your barkada, follow Simon’s journey of self-discovery, and maybe get your faith in humanity restored. People have different tastes when it comes to movies, but     Love, Simon,    a film with such universal appeal, ought to be an exception. We just don’t see anyone walking in the cinema and walking out not feeling brand new afterwards. Also, everyone deserves a great love story.


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