NBA Playoffs: 8 First Round Events to Look Out for

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NBA Playoffs: 8 First Round Events to Look Out for

Exciting match ups ahead.

| April 16, 2017

NBA Playoffs:

8 First Round Events

to Look Out for

By Nicole Ganglani


Buckle up, hoop fans! The NBA Playoffs is here. It’s like Christmas again, but only more intense and a little less love especially if your teams are going head-to-head. Now that the brackets and matches are arranged and ready to go, here are 8 events to watch out for in the first round of this year’s Playoffs.

 Russell Westbrook versus James Harden


Need I say more? These two have been the most valuable players in the own corresponding teams. However, there can only been one league MVP. Tell me, what is more entertaining than seeing these two superstars go at it? This series will be one for the books, that’s for sure.


LeBron James reunites with the Pacers


The king is ready to defend his title and the first stop will be against Paul George, Lance Stephenson and the Pacers. A reunion is set for James, who faced the Pacers three straight times while playing for the Miami Heat. With the beef between Stephenson and James, and Paul George’s time for redemption, this shall be an intensified matchup for LeBron and the defending champs.


San Antonio Vs Memphis


Deja-vu indeed. It’s “Grit and Grind” city versus the number two seeded San Antonio Spurs. It’s the league’s best two-way player Kawhi Leonard versus the cool-headed Mike Conley. Despite their injuries, the Grizzlies don’t seem like the type to back down, but are they strong enough to battle Leonard and the Spurs? We’ll have to find out.


Rondo versus his ex


Once upon a time, Rajon Rondo was part of the Boston Celtics where he had two finals appearances and won a championship. Today, Rondo finds himself as an underdog and part of the 8th seed team that will be going up against his ex-team’s superstar Isaiah Thomas, who finished third in the NBA scoring standing with an average of 28.9 points. With Jimmy Butler and Dwayne Wade’s presence for the Bulls, Wade was right when he said it’s a tougher series compared to any first versus eight seed matchup.

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