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OPM Spotlight: 8 Underrated Male Band Vocalists We Love

Ang himig natin.

| March 20, 2018

OPM Spotlight:

8 Underrated

Male Band Vocalists

We Love

By Tynne De Leon

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The OPM scene is very much alive today, with lots of new bands becoming our favorites, new songs turning into our anthems and more gigs for our Friday nights and weekend dates.

If you don’t frequently watch gigs, we tell you: there’s so much that you’re missing out. While we can give you a long list of suggestions on bands to listen to, for now, let’s give the spotlight to the vocalists.

Here are some of our favorites that have blessed our ears with their good voices and great songwriting skills… they will make your heart skip a beat:

Kian Ransom of The Ransom Collective

Not only is he the angelic voice behind the folk-indie band The Ransom Collective, he is also the band’s primary songwriter. Kian was a solo indie artist before forming the band, which was named after him. Aside from folk songs, he is also into electronic music, as seen in his solo music venture, Sleep Talker. Listen to his track featuring Curtismith!

Fun fact: He just got married recently!


Unique Salonga of IV of Spades

There’s something about IV of Spades that makes you want to listen to them everyday, and pulls you into their fresh music world. One reason, probably, is the exceptional vocalist whose voice is a certified earworm. His name is Unique Salonga—yup, that’s his real name. Who would have thought that this 17-year-old kid will melt the hearts of music lovers of all generations?


Josh Villena of Autotelic

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One thing that got us hooked with the band Autotelic—aside from the relatable and catchy songs—is the voice of their frontman. Josh Villena has that clear and beautiful voice that is total eargasm. He’s quite a funny guy, too. (Follow him on Twitter!)


Miguel and Paolo Guico of Ben & Ben

Whenever we listen to Ben and Ben, they make us feel things—from the first stanza up to the last. Miguel and Paolo Guico’s voices are just too beautiful for words, it’s as if they’re serenading you. Their band first started out as duo, The Benjamins, which formed in 2014. A few Soundcloud releases and one EP after, they decided to have a full band join them.