Philippine Urban Legends You Probably Haven’t Heard Before

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Philippine Urban Legends You Probably Haven’t Heard Before

How many of these do you know of?

| October 21, 2016


Philippine Urban Legends You Probably Haven’t Heard Before

By Therese Aseoche

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We’ve heard of the spirits on Balete Drive, the infamous Snake Man that haunts women’s dressing rooms in a Robinsons Mall, and all these different ghosts that plague schools nationwide. But have you heard of these local legends?

8. Haunted Barrio


Take care when passing through Kaybiang Tunnel of Ternate, Cavite to enter the so-called Barrio ng Aswang. As one story goes, a group of friends went to the barrio but was disturbed by the ominous aura that emitted from the locals. When they ventured back home, one of them had become cursed by an aswang that had to be purged from him with the help of an abularyo. You’d hear a lot of ghost stories about the haunted barrio. If you’re brave enough, try going there to see for yourself just how haunting it is!


7. Disappearing floor


In Universidad de Manila (formerly City College of Manila), it is said that a certain floor disappears during a certain time of the day. Kind of makes you wonder: what would happen to you if ever you’re on that floor on that particular time?


6. Enchanted City


It is said that in an unidentified location within Samar, there exists the Enchanted City of Biringan which is invisible during the day and comes out at night. It is believed to be inhabited by elementals that lure ill fated people in to never be seen again. Whether this mystic city is just a product of people’s imaginations or not, we’ll never know.


5. A Local Bermuda Triangle


Just like the infamous Bermuda Triangle, the Romblon Triangle has also claimed the lives of seamen and their ships over the years—including the MV Princess of the Stars that capsized and sank during a typhoon. Sometimes, locals would see a ghost ship out at sea at night glistening like gold.

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