Philippine Urban Legends You Probably Haven’t Heard Before

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Philippine Urban Legends You Probably Haven’t Heard Before

How many of these do you know of?

| October 21, 2016

4. Cursed Painting


One of Juan Luna’s well-known paintings, the Mi Novia, is said to have cursed every person who had owned it before it was given to the National Museum. Don’t worry; you won’t be harmed by just looking at the piece on your museum visit.


3. Laughing ghosts


There is an account by a couple who decided to watch a comedic film in Starmall Alabang’s Cinema. The movie was so funny that they said loud laughter would erupt from the audience. But to their surprise, when the lights were turned back on post-credits, there had been only a few people watching the film with them. A pretty creepy experience, unless their collective laughter was just that loud.


2. Jeepney Ride


No one knows where this originated, but the story begins with a woman who rides a jeep alone in the late evening. When she asks her driver to slow down at her stop, the driver looked at her through the jeep’s rearview mirror and told her to burn her clothes as soon as possible. When the woman asked him why, he said that when he looked at her in the mirror, he saw that she had no head.


1. Wag Tularan Lugawan


In Sangandaan, Caloocan, locals say that the various lugawans in the area actually serve human parts generously supplied to them by nearby funeral parlors as goto. Are you brave enough to add this place on your weekend food trip itinerary?


What other urban legends do you know of? Share your stories with us!