Practical Graduation Gifts to Give High School Seniors

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Practical Graduation Gifts to Give High School Seniors

Practical na hindi bigas.

| March 16, 2018

Practical Graduation Gifts

to Give High School Seniors

By Therese Aseoche

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Thinking of what to give your child, sibling, or inaanak on their graduation day? Skip the expensive, elaborate gifts they won’t find any use for and consider these practical products instead!


Every college kid needs a USB (or a friend they can borrow one from every day) to store their files, have papers printed, and copy movies from their classmates’ laptops. Don’t be stingy on the memory space either!


A set of pastel highlighters

Not only are they practical when reading textbooks and handouts, but they also look pretty! They’ll definitely look forward to studying for classes when they have these waiting for them in their pencil cases.



Now that they’re in college, they will always be on the go — transferring from building to building, heading out with friends after classes, and drinking until the early morning. They’ll need this to keep their phones alive throughout the day so that they can never give “My phone died and I couldn’t find an electrical outlet!” as an excuse not to reply to you anymore.


Instant coffee

A college student’s fuel to function. It may seem like a strange grad gift but trust us: they’ll thank you for it eventually.