Practical Graduation Gifts to Give High School Seniors

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Practical Graduation Gifts to Give High School Seniors

Practical na hindi bigas.

| March 16, 2018

A travel pillow made for naps

These kinds of pillows like the ones Ostrich Pillow makes will provide comfy naps to any college student because of its portability, versatile design, and microbead cushion. You might even want to get one yourself! Alternatively, you can just give them any kind of microbead roll pillow for the same effect.


Pepper spray or Pocket Taser

Via Giphy

It’s a nasty world out there; it helps to be prepared for the worst!


Anti-theft bag

Going to college will usually mean suffering daily commutes, so consider giving them an anti-theft bag as their college backpack. Not only are they sleek and can go with any outfit, but they’ll also be protected against thieves with the hidden zippers and thick nylon fabric.


Noise-cancelling headphones

With harder classes and more requirements, college students need all the help they can get in terms of focusing. Noise-cancelling headphones are perfect in drowning out the noise of the crowd when doing homework in coffee shops, the sound of people chatting inside libraries, and the snores of their dormitory roommate.


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