Signs You’re a True Blue Pinoy

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Signs You’re a True Blue Pinoy

What do you mean those plastic wraps were meant to come off?

| July 17, 2017

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Signs You’re a True Blue Pinoy

By Kyzia Maramara

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What is the mark of a true Filipino? Is it the color of the skin or the shape of the nose? Is it the warm smile that would tell you how friendly and dependable this person is? Is it the accent or the way they speak? If you want to test if you’re a true Pinoy (because living in the country alone doesn’t guarantee you are!) read on to find out, you might find yourself smiling.

1. You don’t remove the plastic from new gadgets

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It might be superficial, but admit it, it’s true! The new television in the living room will at the end of the day be always covered by the huge plastic it came with. Remote controls are wrapped in plastic to preserve them. This just shows how much we care about our things, err, well while they’re new.


2. Huge family gatherings with lots of food

For a Filipino, a gathering is not a gathering without tons of food! It could be a birthday party, a reunion, or just a simple celebration but there has to be enough food for all the guests.


3. Normal birthdays always consist of the same food and the same activities

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A typical Pinoy birthday party will always have these on the menu: spaghetti, fried chicken, spring rolls, marshmallows and hotdogs on a stick, pancit, and that bottle of Coke. Let’s not forget the karaoke machines available all through out. Or the people making kids dance the eternal spaghetti pababa or the otso-otso.


4. Christmas starts in September

This is when Filipinos start to shop for their Christmas gifts so expect heavy traffic and lots of people in malls when the –ber months start! Decorations are also slowly being put up and you’ll see lanterns being sold on the streets. What an exciting time!