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Signs You’re a True Blue Pinoy

What do you mean those plastic wraps were meant to come off?

| July 17, 2017

5. You know someone with names repeating themselves or with the unwarranted H

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Mae-Mae, Jon-Jon, Den-Den, and the rest of your family or your neighbors with names repeating themselves. Some even have the unwarranted H, or if they’re really making a career out of it, repeated names with the unwarranted H: Mhae-Mhae, Jhon-Jhon, Dhen-Dhen. Classic.


6. You call older people who aren’t related to you Tito and Tita or Kuya and Ate

Because we can’t just call them by their first names! For a Filipino that wouldn’t feel right and might sound too disrespectful.


7. Mano is very important

Being the perfectly polite beings that we are, we can’t go to a family gathering without having to “mano” all the relatives. It’s mandatory and it shows respect!


8. Every out-of-town warrants a pasalubong

People going on a vacation feel obliged to bring something back to their friends at the office or at school. Mostly these are keychains (you know, the ones from Singapore, Cebu, Baguio).


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