Some of the Funniest SNL Skits to Cheer You Up

Smile muna.

| July 9, 2018

Wedding Objections

Another skit from Martin Freeman’s stint as host, this skit shows a couple whose “undying love” remains intact even with many impediments (including the groom’s uhm, wife).


Disney Housewives

What happens when your favorite Disney princesses gathered up for a drama-filled dinner? #DisneyAfterDark


The Day Beyoncé Turned Black

SNL is known for its comedic approach towards several sensitive issues. For this skit, white people are shown to be surprised after Queen Bey released her Formation video before the Super Bowl. Hilarity ensues after they found out that Bey is actually black.


Jack Sparrow

One of the funniest SNL Digital Shorts ever produced, the skit shows The Lonely Island’s collaboration with “cinephile” Michael Bolton and his big, sexy hook.


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