8 Songs That Remind Us of the “Friendster Era”

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8 Songs That Remind Us of the “Friendster Era”

We bet almost everyone had these on their Friendster profile!

| September 6, 2017

8 Songs

That Remind Us

of the “Friendster Era”

By Blair Perez

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Remember those days when Friendster used to be our world? Ah, that nostalgic feeling of putting “shout outs” on our own pages and viewing our crush’s profile just so they could notice us. Heck, some of us even learn basic HTML and CSS codes just to beautify our “layouts”!

It also used to be a great time for music. Pop punk bands are everywhere, and a lot of well-written songs were released during this time. And we want those who visit our Friendster profiles know what we’re listening to.

Below are some of the songs we used to include in our Friendster profile via music widgets like Mixpod and Videokeman:


Ne-Yo’s songs made us want to sing along, dance, or both. Mad is definitely one of our favorites. Admit it, it’s also one of those songs that you listen to when you’re not in good terms with your SO.



This is one of those songs you hear over the radio for the first time and the next thing you know, it’s become your favorite song.


Welcome to the Black Parade

From “emo” bangs to thick eyeliners, who could forget the era when everyone admired and wanted to look like Gerard Way?


No Air

“No Air” shows so much soul and emotion, it’s hard not to sing along to it. Who else loses air trying to sing the bridge part?