How to Swear Like a Local (SEA Edition)

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How to Swear Like a Local (SEA Edition)

Dont’t kiss your mom with that mouth.

| September 6, 2016


How to Swear Like a Local (SEA Edition)


As much as we can attest that Filipino swear words are truly the most aggressive and offensive insults in the world, our South East Asian neighbors would beg to differ. So if your mouth is badly in need of an upgrade from all the the putanginas and gagos in your foul vocabulary arsenal, here are some epic #@$%@! words courtesy of our Asian neighbors.


8. MALAYSIA: For those times when an ass-kisser suddenly materializes


Country: Malaysia
Word: Boon chon doi

Ass-kissers are everywhere. They can be your officemate who sucks up to your boss or your sibling who washes the dishes only because he wants to go to a party. In these instances, calling them the Malaysian insult “boon chon doi” might be the most rewarding thing to do. The word literally refers to a man who walks behind his boss while reaching between his legs and holding his balls as support. Yeah, WTF right?? But for our Malaysian friends, they use it to call those who live to make sipsip.

Sample usage: “Hi team, briefing in 10 minutes! We’re gonna talk about how boon chon doi our officemate is to our boss!”


7. VIETNAM: When you see a motherfucker


Country: Vietnam
Word: Du ma may

Vietnam’s got a lot of dirty swear words in their vocabulary, and you may want them in yours as well. One of the dirtiest Vietnamese insults is “Du ma may” which simple means mother fucker. It’s fun to say and no one would even know you were calling them that because it sounds just like our own dumamay.

Sample usage:Du ma may ang lahat ng taxi driver na nagpapadagdag ng bayad!”


6. MALAYSIA: When you’re bored with the word vagina


Country: Malaysia
Word: Pukimak

Sure, kepyas is a pretty cool word. But if you want to be cooler, you may want to use “pukimak”, Malaysia’s word for the female organ.

Sample usage: “Bes, mej weird and pukimak ko.”


5. INDONESIA: When you’re bored with the word penis


Country: Indonesia
Word: Kontol

“Kontol” is Indonesia’s term for penis which makes it perfect for the hashtag #ControlYourKontol. Let us now thank the etymology gods.

Sample usage: “Bes, mej weird ng kontol ko.”