8 Taeyang Songs That’ll Convince Us To Watch His Concert Even When We’re Broke


8 Taeyang Songs That’ll Convince Us To Watch His Concert Even When We’re Broke

Fangirling is real.

| August 22, 2017

8 Taeyang Songs

That’ll Convince Us

to Watch His Concert

Even When We’re Broke

By Patti Sunio

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Really, YG Entertainment, how could you send both oppas G-Dragon and Taeyang in separate concerts in Manila, on the same year, and with hardly with time allowance for us to save? As much as we were overjoyed by the news, a lot of scrambled in frantic panic to check our bank accounts (especially after having just bought our Act III, MOTTE tickets!) to see if we can actually fund our fangirling needs.

In the meantime, here are 8 reasons to keep us motivated to saving up for our Taeyang’s big day:

Only Look At Me

Only Look At Me is 2008 best r&b/soul song at 2008 Korean music awards, and is from Hot, Taeyang’s first-ever solo album, which also won best r&b/soul album. The official MV is also iconic as fans will always remember the girl who cheated on Taeyang and got to date all the other Big Bang members.


Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress is a sure favorite of Taeyang fans, especially as it MV portrays our idol in a very emotional state, playing the piano (omo!), and pining for the girl he likes. Bonus parts are of course his ~smooth~ dance moves, a major reason why we all fell in love with him, way back in the early 2000s!


Ma Girl

We’ve seen Taeyang with a shaved head, a mohawk, and now, in dreadlocks. Even in the early days of his solo career, our oppa has proven that he can absolutely rock any look! He can easily melt our hearts in a leather jacket, a wifebeater, or even no shirt at all. We’ll take him anytime!


I Need A Girl

The song that definitely, definitely stole our hearts, and paved the way for the still sailing Dara x Taeyang ship. While I Need A Girl is sexy and romantic in concept, it’s Dara’s timeless youth and innocence that makes us love the song and MV even more!

Dara has confessed to wearing butt pads to look good in this video (LOL, kyeopta!), and Taeyang has revealed about his admiration for her ageless beauty. Awww!