These Pinoy Artists Deserve Your Listen

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These Pinoy Artists Deserve Your Listen

Music will save us all.

| June 12, 2018

5. Drei Raña

Listen to: Ligaya, his many song covers

After creating covers of songs, posting it on the internet, and gaining fans and followers, Drei Rana finally has an original song to share. A no frills type of guy, Drei’s vocals and guitar skills show off how much of a multi-talented performer he is.  Needless to say we’re excited to see how he could maximize his potential!


6. Claudia Barretto

Listen to: You, Stay

Well, unlike some of the Barrettos that came before her, she proves she’s not just a pretty face but a talented young lady too. Some people might argue that her songs sound too international and won’t cater to OPM market but if you think about it, OPM does not only pertain to Tagalog rock songs. OPM means songs created by Filipinos and it’s something we should be proud about. Give this girl a listen!


7. St. Wolf

Listen to: Papara, Gary Vince

The OPM most people are probably used to are the rock bands with striking lyrics, just what St. Wolf brings to the table. You can headbang to their songs while crying for your non-existent or messy love life. Formed in 2015, St. Wolf categorizes their genre as “Swabecore,” songs you can rock to while “feeling sexy” at the same time. And we can’t agree more!


8. No Rome

Listen to: Do It Again, Blue Jeans

Rome Gomez who goes by the stage name No Rome has already won our hearts with his electro-pop indie sound. If Claudia’s songs are too ‘international’ for you, then you might not even get past Rome’s first song. He started posting original songs on SoundCloud which indie kids immediately liked, this attracted attention for him until Matthew Healy of The 1975 proposed to fly him to London (where he now lives) to further develop and hone his producing skills. This means he now has both local and international fans!


Know any more artists we should listen to? Share it below and we’ll give them a listen!