8 Everyday Things That Need to be Protested Too

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8 Everyday Things That Need to be Protested Too

Don’t be takot. Let’s make baka.

| October 19, 2017

8 Everyday Things

That Need

to be Protested Too

By Kyzia Maramara

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Protests are organized left and right these days and we applaud people who have the guts to stand out and fight for the rights of everyone else. These protesters, more often than not, change our lives for the better. But they might consider protesting something else for a while. Just putting the thought out there that these other things might need protesting, too.

1. Everything about extra rice at fast food chains

It’s all fun and games until you realize you need extra rice and it costs a staggering Php 25 per cup. Yes, I’m looking at you fast food chains! That’s half the price of a whole meal! Was it made with a secret recipe for it to be that expensive?


2. The slow internet

Which constantly drives everybody crazy. Maybe the 7,107 Philippine Islands weren’t meant to be connected, after all?


3. This lady and everybody she represents

And basically, every single Filipino who do not know how to follow the rules. You aren’t the exception to the rule! It’s not the government’s fault all the time if the country as a whole is stuck and not improving. The country needs the help of citizens too! Behave yourselves.


4. Concert tickets

Via Odyssey

Oh, the cycle of wishing for your favorite acts to visit your city and then when they announce the tour you realize with cold dread that you don’t have money for it. You can practically sell your kidney for the price of these concert tickets. But then again, most of us complain but end up buying them because we don’t have a choice.