8 David Archuleta Songs

that (Still) Give Us

All the Feels

By Desiree Pore

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When you try searching for recent photos of David Archuleta, you’ll still see that boy-next-door smile of his, together with his piercing puppy-dog eyes. Yes, David still makes our knees weak and our palms sweaty. Six years since his last concert in Manila, the American Idol alum is back with an intimate show for his fans to make up for his years-long absence.

With 2 (really, really good) EPs the singer released this year, we can’t help but look back (and create a list) at some of the classic tunes that made us swoon and fall in love with David.


Admit it; back then you sang your heart out to this song even if you didn’t have a crush on someone. That’s how strong the effect of Crush was to us during our growing years. Even until now we still know every word to this song.


Touch My Hand

Who wouldn’t want to touch David Archie’s hand? SERIOUSLY?!?


A Little Too Not Over You

We all had that one ex that we can’t seem to forget; thanks to David’s angelic voice, he helped us cry our feelings out and move on. And because of that, we’re forever indebted.


Something ‘Bout Love

From the singer’s third studio album The Other Side of Down, Something About Love is a song filled with catchy tunes that make our hearts race and look forward to being in love.

I Wanna Know You

This Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana and David Archuleta collab is what Disney dreams are made of. In an episode of the hit Disney show Hannah Montana, the singer made a cameo asking Miley Cyrus’ character to collaborate for a song. The result? One of the best Disney duets of all time.


Nandito Ako

Remember that time when David played a somewhat fictionalized version of himself (and that he was half-Filipino)? Well if you don’t then we’re here to help you remember. The singer starred and sang the theme song for his short-lived TV show Nandito Ako and can we just say how awesome would that be if he is an actual Filipino?!



During his American Idol days, the singer proved that he can sing almost anything; the moment he sang his version of Robbie Williams’ hit song Angels, he totally won us over.



David released his album Forevermore which is a cover album of some of OPM’s greatest hits subsequent to the airing of his miniseries back in 2012; his soulful rendition of the OPM classic hits right in the feels. #dartsaheart


Catch David Archuleta as he performs his greatest hits this Friday, October 20, live at the Kia Theatre! Visit http://www.ticketnet.com.ph/ for tickets.

What other songs of David Archuleta makes you swoon? Comment them down below!

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