8 Things We Can Be Hopeful About In The DOTr Dutertenomics Plan

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8 Things We Can Be Hopeful About In The DOTr Dutertenomics Plan

Silver linings playbook.

| May 1, 2017

8 Things

We Can Be Hopeful About

In The DOTr

Dutertenomics Plan

By Tim Henares


While the word “Dutertenomics “ may conjure images of our beloved president cooking with Del Monte products while swearing profusely, it thankfully runs a lot deeper than that. The Department of Transportation recently released their plans in the vein of Dutertenomics, and, while glaringly costly, they provide us with a lot of great things to look forward to, assuming they are all completed and completed well.

More airports than ever

With the Puerto Princesa airport opening in May and more airports being constructed as we speak, the drive to make tourism easier for everyone intent on going to the Philippines (especially those not really going to Manila) has never been better. Bohol, Mactan, and Bicol are all due for airport overhauls as well within the next couple of years. They’re even improving the night-landing capabilities of existing airports in this endeavor!, as well as overhauling air traffic management!

Room For Improvement: Fix our reputation in the international community (without merely silencing the critics but addressing their criticisms head-on instead), and we’re halfway there in tourism. Making maps and other information ready-to-hand the way other countries do also goes a long way in that.


 PNR North and South

Expected to complete in 2021, these railways make traveling from Manila to Clark or Manila to Bicol a breeze, which makes it possible to increase industry and livable space in the Clark area, because the commute from end to end becomes possible.

If you must scoff, consider this: a train from end to end on either line would get faster from end to end than a bus ride from end to end for EDSA, yet people do the latter to get to work. Chew on that for a minute.

Room For Improvement: Develop the immediate area around the non-manila terminal stations, but that normally comes with the territory.


The Mindanao Railway

Who says that development should be considered only for Luzon? This 105-KM project, set for completion in 2022, should be a huge boon towards the continued development of Mindanao and its self-sufficiency.

Room For Improvement: If they (you know who we mean when we say “they”) never charge “revolutionary tax” here, we may have a winner on our hands.


The Mega-Manila Subway

Oh, wow. A subway from QC to Taguig? The Fort just got more accessible than ever! Who wouldn’t want this?

Room For Improvement: It would help if they could explain how they intend to make a subway in Quezon City, land of the floods Marikina can’t handle anymore.