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8 Things You Could Be Doing When Stuck In Traffic

Yes–flying to Hong Kong is one of them.

| October 28, 2017

8 Things You Could Be Doing

When Stuck In Traffic

By 8List

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It’s no secret that traffic has been getting worse by the minute. It seems that every week or so, we find ourselves taking snapshots of the long lines of cars that never seem to move. What was once a fifteen minute trip now takes longer than an hour. Hashtags like #carmageddon even start to trend on a regular basis.

In a recent study commissioned by Uber with the Boston Consulting Group, they discovered interesting findings about the traffic situation in Manila. Since road traffic is a part of all our lives, we took a look at the data, and they’re pretty shocking. Below, we gathered a list of things you could be doing, instead of sitting around in traffic.

1. Watching your favorite series

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According to the study, an average car owner spends 66 minutes everyday stuck in traffic. That’s enough time to watch an episode of Narcos.


2. Sleeping

You could be spending an extra hour sleeping, instead of having to leave your house extra early.


3. Flying to Hong Kong

Think about those times you spent an hour on the Skyway, only to spend another hour after getting down from it, stuck in traffic. You may not realize it, but sometimes, flying to Hong Kong takes the same amount of time as driving to work!


4. Going to the gym

You could be fulfilling that New Year’s resolution of yours by spending an hour in the gym everyday…if you didn’t have to spend that same amount of time in your car.