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Travel the World through these Gastronomic Favorites

A big, delicious reason why we travel is food.

| October 31, 2017

Travel the World

through these

Gastronomic Favorites

By 8List

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Besides the usual sights and attractions of a place we’re visiting, also included in our itinerary is a list of restaurants that serve the best local cuisine of the land. As much as possible, we want to have a real and authentic experience whenever we travel, and what better way to experience it than eat like the locals? Here we list down a food itinerary perfect for your next travel adventure!


If you ask what food is a must try in Japan, almost everyone would say Ramen. The popular Japanese dish is made up of noodles, slices of pork, seaweed, onions, and egg. There are also different flavors of ramen that you can enjoy; these flavors are Shoyu (soy sauce based), Shio (salt-based), Miso (soybean-based), and Curry. It’s a sin not to try this dish when you plan on visiting Japan.



Paella is a popular dish whose roots can be traced back from Spain, specifically the city of Valencia. This festive-looking dish is best cooked over an open fire and using a traditional paella pan which is sometimes called a paellera. Although the dish looks a little overwhelming at first, you wouldn’t want to stop eating it once you have had your first bite.



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Don’t let the name discourage you from trying out Morocco’s national dish. Couscous, also called seksu or sikuk, is a popular dish not only in Morocco, but also in North Africa (a staple in their diet). Couscous is made up of semolina and steamed wheat flour. The dish is so versatile, that you can also use it in soups and salads. Couscous is best eaten with your hands, so better wash up first before eating!


Lamington (Australia)

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If we’re talking about Australian cuisine, there’s nothing more Australian than Lamington. Accidentally created by a maid working for former Queensland Governor Lord Lamington, it was a product of pure serendipity. Imagine baking a sponge cake richly dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with dry coconut and you have yourself a true Australian icon.