8 Types of Underwear and When to Wear Them

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8 Types of Underwear and When to Wear Them

No high rise undies with low rise jeans please.

| September 15, 2017

8 Types of Underwear

and When to Wear Them

By Tynne De Leon

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Admit it, you have a closet full of underwear that you either received as gifts or bought because they’re essentials, but sometimes you don’t care whether they’ll match your outfit or not. Underwear is often overlooked by many, but it definitely affects our outfit and overall comfort more than we know. If you have different styles of them, scroll down to know which type best fit your #OOTD. Take note, ladies:


Via Avon

Seamless underwear is your best friend when you plan to wear figure-hugging outfits. Underwear lines aren’t visible when you wear this, so you’re good to go.


Boy shorts

It’s that underwear that looks like men’s brief, but it’s definitely not. Boy shorts are rectangular in shape, and like the seamless, you can pull a figure-hugging outfit with this—just make sure it’s fitted properly.



High-cut provides more coverage than others, so you may feel more comfortable wearing it. Plus, it’s less visible underneath clothing!



Via Avon

Hipsters are your everyday favorite, the ones you wear with low rise jeans and trousers. They have low cut leg holes, so you’ll feel comfortable all day.