This Week in Weird News: Ever Drank Toilet Water to Keep Your Job?

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This Week in Weird News: Ever Drank Toilet Water to Keep Your Job?

True story.

| August 11, 2017

5. A company in China is forcing employees to drink toilet water as punishment

Think you have a tough job? Well, someone actually woke up in the morning and had to assemble a dildo with a straight face. But seriously, some people go through gut-churning lengths to keep their jobs, as an incident in China shows.

A clip is showing a man scooping water out of a toilet with a cup and puts the cup to his lips. In the same clip, two women drink water from another toilet with much hesitation.

Shanghaiist reports that the people in the video work for a photography studio and were being punished for poor performance. One of the women in the video complained of suffering from diarrhea shortly after ingesting the toilet water. The man taking the video has been arrested by police.

If you’re having a tough day at work, it could be worse. You could be made to drink poo water for not meeting your quota.


6. Man allegedly kills ex-girlfriend, hides her body in a freezer, while his new girlfriend takes over the victim’s life

In Ohio, Arturo Novoa aka Anthony Gonzales and Katrina Layton were arrested after the remains of Novoa’s ex-girlfriend were found in his freezer. They were charged with abuse of a corpse, a crime that carries a maximum sentence of 12 months in prison.

According to Buzzfeed News, the body belongs to 28-year old Shannon Graves, who was reported missing last June 22. Authorities are suspecting that she was a victim of foul play.

Youngstown City Prosecutor Dana Lantz said Novoa’s new live-in girlfiend, Katrina Layton, started living the life of Graves. She drove her car, used her credit card, and even looked after her dog.

Police recovered the body from a freezer from one of Novoa’s friends, Kenny Eshenbaugh. Eshenbaugh said that Novoa asked him if he could put his freezer in his home, due to power in his home being cut off and that he was afraid the meat inside would spoil. Eshenbaugh called police when his wife opened the freezer and found a bag with human remains.


7. “Swineapple” is officially a thing now

We can all agree that pineapple should never go on pizza. Pizza is good and is everything that is pure in this world and does not deserve to be disrespected like that. Well, there’s a new pineapple trend and it’s definitely something.

Creatively called the “swineapple,” it’s basically a pineapple wrapped in bacon and stuffed with pork loin. The pineapple is first hollowed out, stuffed with pieces of pork loin and wrapped in bacon, then it’s off to be barbecued.

Netizens offered their take on the swineapple:

Bacon-Wrapped Pineapple

We can debate pineapple and pizza, but there’s no doubt pineapple and bacon is here to stay.

Posted by Thrillist on Monday, July 10, 2017

We don’t know what to feel exactly. Would you eat that? Barbecue is still barbecue, after all.


8. NASA wants you to defend the Earth from aliens – and get paid for it

Via Giphy

Are you ready to defend the Earth from interplanetary threats to our freedom, and get paid handsomely for it?

NASA has a job opening for a “planetary protection officer,” and it comes with a salary of up to $187,000 (Php 9,387,587).

It’s a planetary protection officer’s job to ensure that the Earth is safe from any alien contamination, while also making sure that any space mission from our planet does not contaminate any alien worlds.

Think you’re up for it?


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