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What It’s Like Being the Middle Child

Neither here nor there.

| April 10, 2018

5. You’re the “Tester Kid”

Via Giphy

Your parents were pretty much strict with the eldest child and pretty much with you too. That all changed when the youngest child was born, and they both got lazy being strict. You’ll find yourself stuck between not having curfews while having to do all the chores.


6. You’ve Had Hand-me-downs Stuff Since Birth

Via Giphy

Because “sayang pag bumili pa nang bago.” #storyofmylife


7. Middle Child = Overachievers

Via Giphy

Just look how extra famed middle child Jennifer Lopez is. That’s how overachiever all middle kids are.


8. Your Parents Forget Your Name Most of the Time

Via Giphy

A parent forgetting your name is like a barista hearing your name incorrectly. Worst thing ever.


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