What We Saw in this Year’s APCC


What We Saw in this Year’s APCC

It gets bigger every year!

| September 4, 2017

What We Saw in this Year’s APCC

By 8List

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Asia Pop Comic Con recently finished another excellent convention this year, and a quick stroll through the sprawling SMX Convention hall where APCC was held would tell you that it is growing bigger every year.

Here are just some of the highlights:

Orderly ticket lines

Make no mistake, SMX was packed with fans waiting in line to get their tickets to go inside the halls. But the lines were moving fast enough so that the crowds were manageable. Good job, APCC!


Philippine Wrestling Revolution

Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) was on hand at the 3-day event, and they enjoyed a prime spot in the convention hall. By the size of the crowd who watched the matches, it seems that PWR is growing its fandom.


Local toy stores

There were a lot of bargain-priced exclusives all throughout, and those looking for affordable addition to their collection went home happy.


Vinyl Toys

Italian artist Simone Legno was one of the special guests at the APCC 2017. His Tokidoki wares were snapped up by convention goers, getting some freebies along with the purchases. Quiccs, an internationally celebrated local vinyl toy company, was also present, along with Jason Freeny of Mighty Jaxx. Macross creator Shoji Kawamori was also received warmly by Filipino fans.