Yay Wednesday! | Nokia 3310 is back! Edition

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Yay Wednesday! | Nokia 3310 is back! Edition

Hugot lang ng hugot.

| March 1, 2017

Yay Wednesday! |

Nokia 3310 is back! Edition

By Abu Poblete

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Congratulations everyone! We made it through the February and we’re now on the third month of the year! And although it feels like we’re walking on eggshells every step of the way,  the fact that we’re still walking is something we should be thankful for. Plus it was suweldo yesterday. And even though you’ll probably use it all up by the end of the week, always know that it’s more important to have fun in the present. Who cares about all the rent when you can walwal?

Anyway, to make this week even more awesome, here are this week’s curation of internet WTFs  for your consumption.

8. These boys can Panagbenga my festival

Who’s G to petition and  make Panagbenga Festival an all-year round festival? I know I am.


7. This meeeeeedyo hassle photo

God knows how you’ll go home when drunk. Stairway to heaven,  more like.


6. Lonely man is at it again

Para-paraan at its finest!


5. Nokia 3310 is back!



Sing the Nokia Tune with us! Tenenenen tenenenen teneneneneeeeen!