You’re Old Cause These TV Shows Are 20 Years Old

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You’re Old Cause These TV Shows Are 20 Years Old

And when you rewatch them you’ll wonder why they’re in the wrong aspect ratio.

| May 11, 2017

You’re Old

Cause These TV Shows

Are 20 Years Old

By Matthew Arcilla

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Breaking news! The year 1997 was twenty years ago, and you are now twenty years older than you were back then. It’s funny how the math works out like that, huh? And don’t you know it, your favorite TV shows are twenty years older, too? Don’t believe us? Try looking for them in high definition. We’ll be here with the popcorn.


Despite its subversive reputation, Daria was actually a hit with both the ratings and the critics. The eponymous Daria Morgendorffer was an infrequently seen character from Beavis & Butthead, which was the iconic MTV cartoon about juvenile do nothings. But Daria forged its own identity and perhaps a more enduring legacy in skewering suburban life, capturing the crushing ennui of an intelligent teen with the audacity to vocalize her cynicism.


 !Oka Tokat

This paranormal drama ran for several years on ABS-CBN. Agot Isidro starred as Rona Catacutan, an inquisitive journalist driven to solve mysteries. The series hinted at but never definitely stated that Rona has paranormal gifts of her own. The show’s ratings were bolstered by the star power of young actors like Jericho Rosales, Angelika de la Cruz, Rica Peralejo and Paolo Contis and remains the most memorable spook program of the 90s outside of Magandang Gabi Bayan’s Halloween specials.


 Ally McBeal

One of many dramas created by hotshot producer David E. Kelley, Ally McBeal’s titular character is a neurotic, insecure lawyer working at a law firm fraught with sexual energy. This controversial series sparked debate as to whether it represented the fears and worries of women or that it demeaned women by depicting them as poor role models and stereotypes. Whatever the case, Ally McBeal putt a big ole question mark above the head of the working woman.


Growing Up

Growing Up continues the story of the first batch of teens from T.G.I.S., one of many teen drama series that served as the ensemble package for GMA’s young stars. Bobby Andrews, Angelu de Leon, Onemig Bondoc reprise their characters from the preceding show with Rica Peralejo, Michael Flores and Ciara Sotto returning occasionally. This time the drama moves from their high school in Quezon City to their new lives as college students.