30-Day Challenges

for a Better You

By Kyzia Maramara

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Maybe you’re reading this right now at your office desk, slumped on the chair for the past 4 hours, or on your phone lying in bed with nothing to do. Do you get where I’m pointing at? You, my friend, are living a sedentary life that does not benefit you at all. Do something! If you’re saying you don’t want to because you can’t keep a streak, then challenge yourself. Start small. Start with the first 30 days and then let’s talk after.

Exercise challenge

There’s nothing wrong with a little exercise to start your day or end it. Allot a half-hour out of your busy schedule to fit in exercise, you might find it’ll work wonders on your mood throughout the day.



If you aren’t in the mood for heavy exercises this month, then you might appreciate yoga. Yoga is a light exercise that lets you focus on your body and on your rhythm and destress you for a while. This 30-day challenge lets you practice different yoga positions.


Eat Healthy

You are what you eat, repeat this like a mantra and stay away from those junk food and sweets! Or, you know, harness every bit of your self-control and at least try to. When this 30-day cleanse ends, you will feel infinitely better.



A road is just a road to a person busy with office agendas in mind so early in the morning, but to a person looking for beauty, a simple road could be so much more. See the things around you, don’t’ just look! Challenge your creativity.


The length of an average film is almost 2-hours and an average documentary 1-hour. If you take time off your day to watch one film or documentary, it can benefit you in ways you wouldn’t think of. It might spark your imagination and creativity or even your vocabulary. It’ll also refine your taste for films and mainstream media.


Watch a TED Talk

TED Talk videos are enjoyable whether it’s the ones where there are guest speakers or the animated TED-Ed ones. They’re all educational and so great to listen to, you won’t notice that 20 minutes have already passed. Click here for a link to the greatest TED Talks and here for TED-Ed videos. Try downloading it and watching on your way to work.


Be a minimalist

The world is such a cluttered place. Sure, it has its moments but most of the time there’s just too many people and junk around you, it hampers your peace! Try this challenge, close your eyes, and find your inner peace!


Save up Money

If you can’t practice self-control, you won’t get anywhere in life. I’m assuming you’re young so why not invest in a bank and save up for that unpredictable future? This challenge will just be for 30 days, hold on and you will be rewarded at the end. And after that, it’s up to you to stretch the time.


Which of these 30-day challenges will you try? Share it with us below!

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