8 Best Indie OPM Songs

that We Played on Loop in 2017

By Tynne De Leon

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It’s been a great year for the local independent music scene, with more up and coming bands that made waves, more songs that turned into film soundtracks and more band gigs around the metro. Yay for OPM!

We’ve listed some of the most played indie songs this year. And if you’re an indie music lover, these are totally in your playlist:

8. Huling Gabi – Moira dela Torre and Quest

As if they didn’t break our hearts enough with their songs “Walang Hanggan” and “Malaya”, Quest and Moira dela Torre has collaborated for another tear-jerker of a  song for the movie, Last Night. When will the feels trip end?


7. Cincinnati Clocks- Ourselves the Elves

Thanks to the indie film, 2Cool to be 4gotten, more people discovered the music treasure that is Ourselves the Elves. Their song “Cincinnati Clocks” is the song we loved playing while we’re silently sitting on the beach, watching the mesmerizing view of the waves.


6. Autotelic – Laro

Autotelic’s major label debut album Papunta Pabalik came out in 2016, but it was in 2017 when their songs eventually became some of the much-awaited during gigs. One of their songs, “Laro”, is definitely a crowd favorite.


5. December Avenue – Sa Ngalan ng Pag-Ibig

December Avenue never fails to speak to our hearts through their songs about love and moving on, and they triggered our feels once again when they released “Sa Ngalan ng Pag-Ibig.”

4. Abra x Loonie – Para sa Respeto

This song got our heads banging when we first heard it in the film, Respeto. Hands down to these two master rappers!


3. IV of Spades – Hey Barbara

The first time we heard “Hey Barbara,” we were speechless. It was a fresh and unique addition to the thriving local music; we just couldn’t stop dancing to its funky beat. No wonder, IV of Spades is one of the breakthrough bands of 2017.


2. Burnout – Danao, Dumas, Dancel

Who else cried inside when this song played along the credits in I’m Drunk, I Love You? We feel you! This rendition of a Sugarfree song is as heartbreaking as the first one, but with a slow, painful melody that shattered our hearts.


1. Ben&Ben – Kathang Isip

The soulful music of Ben and Ben is one reminder how OPM can speak to and for our emotions. A great example would be their song, “Kathang-Isip”, which hits us right in the chest.


What is your most played OPM indie song this year? Share with us in the comments section below!

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